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5 recepten voor groente smoothies zonder fruit

5 recepten voor groente smoothies zonder fruit

Probeer deze vijf heerlijke recepten voor groente smoothies zonder fruit en ontdek welke combinaties jij het lekkerst vindt.


Clean blender

The blender is our favorite kitchen appliance, but what we don't like is cleaning it. The fear that our fingers will suffer the same fate as the fruit and vegetables that we blend into a delicious...


What is a high speed blender?

The high-speed blender has been for sale for some time, but due to the high price we first mainly came across them in the professional kitchen. Fortunately, these high speed blenders or power blen...


Differences between blenders and slow juicers

It often turns out to be quite difficult to get enough fruit and vegetables every day. This is exactly what juicing and blending can help you with. With a blender or slow juicer it is much easier ...


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Keep smoothies longer

Smoothies are easy to prepare and when you use healthy ingredients they are also extremely nutritious. The pity is that smoothies quickly turn brown when you store them. That previously healthy sm...


Advantages of a blender

Why do I need a blender? Is juice from the blender healthier? What are the advantages of a blender? Just a few questions you may have when buying a blender. In this article we explain to you what t...

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