Santoku knives

Santoku knives are a type of knife that originally comes from Japan and is becoming increasingly popular in Western cuisine. They are versatile knives that are well suited for chopping, slicing and crushing various ingredients.


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What are santoku knives?

Santoku knives are Japanese knives that are generally between 13 and 20 centimeters long. They have a wide, straight blade with a slight downward curve and a tapered point. The blade of a Santoku knife is often wider than that of a regular chef's knife, making the knife suitable for chopping and cutting larger ingredients.

Advantages of Santoku knives

One of the main advantages of Santoku knives is that they are versatile and well suited for various tasks in the kitchen. Due to the wide blade, Santoku knives are good for chopping and cutting vegetables, but also for cutting meat and fish. The short, tapered blade also makes it easy to chop and slice.

Another advantage of Santoku knives is that they are very comfortable to work with. The handle is often ergonomically shaped, which makes it easy to hold and handle the knife securely. In addition, the blade of Santoku knives is usually thinner than that of regular chef's knives, making it easier for the knife to glide through ingredients.

How do you use Santoku knives?

Santoku knives are mainly used for cutting, chopping and crushing various ingredients. The wide blade makes it easy to slice or dice vegetables and herbs, while the tapered blade is ideal for chopping garlic and onions, for example. The knife can also be used to cut meat and fish, although it is less suitable for portioning large pieces of meat.

Maintenance of Santoku knives

To ensure that Santoku knives last a long time and remain sharp, it is important to maintain them properly. Wash the knife by hand after use and dry it immediately. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents and avoid using the dishwasher. Sharpen the knife regularly to maintain its sharpness and store it in a safe place, for example in a knife block or knife magnet.

Santoku knives are the all-rounder

Discover the ultimate all-rounder in the kitchen: the Santoku knives! Are you a fan of Asian cuisine or are you just looking for a versatile knife that you can use with every meal? Then a Santoku knife is really something for you! This iconic knife is not only beautiful to look at, but also has the perfect balance between style and functionality. The unique shape of the blade allows you to cut, chop and shred effortlessly. This makes cooking a piece of cake!

For every home chef

The Santoku knife is the must-have for every home chef. The knife is not only suitable for chopping vegetables, herbs and meat, but also for preparing sushi, sashimi and other Asian dishes. With its wide and straight blade, you can cut ingredients with the greatest precision, without the knife getting stuck in the food. Thanks to the comfortable handle, the knife fits perfectly in your hand, so you always have full control.

Santoku knives at Souvy

At Souvy we have an extensive collection of Santoku knives, made from the best materials and with the highest quality standards. This way you are assured of a knife that is not only beautiful, but also durable. And do you want to keep your Santoku knife in top condition? We also have a selection of knife sharpeners and maintenance products to ensure that your knife always remains sharp and lasts for years.

Get the best out of yourself and your cooking skills with a Santoku knife from Souvy. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned chef, with this knife you can turn any dish into a true work of art! Order your Santoku knife today and experience the perfect combination of functionality and elegance.

Features of our Santoku knives

  • Made from high quality materials
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Comfortable handle for optimal control
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications
  • Available in different sizes and finishes

Whether you are a professional or just enjoy cooking, a Santoku knife is an indispensable tool in the kitchen. And at Souvy we have an extensive collection of the best Santoku knives on the market. So what are you waiting for? Order your Santoku knife today and discover the many benefits of this great knife!