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With the cold smoking books from Souvy you can get started with fun recipes about cold smoking!


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Cold smoke cookbooks

There are several books available that discuss cold smoking and how you can use it in your own kitchen. From comprehensive manuals to books with inspiration and recipes, these books offer everything you need to start cold-smoking dishes. Whether you're an experienced chef or just looking for new ways to spice up your dishes, the cold smoking books provide everything you need to get started with cold smoking. From detailed explanations of the techniques and tools to inspiration and recipes, these books are a must-have for every kitchen enthusiast. Bring the flavors of professional restaurants into your own kitchen and be inspired by these books about cold smoking. Smoke your own meat, fish, vegetables and much more and surprise your family.

Cookbook as a gift

A cookbook makes a great gift because it gives someone the opportunity to learn new recipes, experiment with new flavors and grow in their cooking skills. A cookbook is a personal and functional gift that the recipient can enjoy in the kitchen and when preparing meals for family and friends. Moreover, it is a gift that can be used for a long time and that always provides new inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you have questions about our cold-smoking books? View our frequently asked questions here or contact us!

What is cold smoking?

Cold smoking gives a delicious smoky flavor to salmon, pulled pork or cheese, for example. Easy-to-use smoking guns that allow you to prepare the tastiest dishes in no time.

What's nice about giving a cookbook as a gift?

A cookbook is a nice gift because it offers the recipient the opportunity to discover new recipes and cooking techniques. This allows the recipient to improve his or her kitchen skills and create new dishes.