Souvy's professional vacuum appliances ensure that your meals and ingredients stay fresh for longer. That's not all, the taste and nutritional value are also preserved!


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Keep your food fresh longer

Discover the benefits of vacuum packaging

Would you like to keep your homemade delicacies fresh for a long time and not throw them away the next day because the taste has changed or the structure of your favorite dish is no longer as it should be? Then vacuum packaging is the perfect solution for you! By simply vacuum-packing your products or freshly made dishes, they remain fresh and have a longer shelf life! Ideal for when you don't want to eat everything at once, but at the same time you think it would be a shame to throw it away. You can vacuum quickly and easily with Souvy products!

Why use vacuum products?

Do you enjoy spending hours in the kitchen and trying new dishes? Or surprise your family and friends with an extensive meal? Then using a vacuum appliance is indispensable in your kitchen! By vacuum sealing your dishes or products, they remain fresh and have a longer shelf life so that you can enjoy them for a long time without any worries. Research has shown that vacuum sealing keeps food fresh up to 5 times longer. We are happy to explain to you how this is possible!


How does vacuuming work?

The most important thing about vacuuming is keeping oxygen and moisture away. If these elements have the chance to come into contact with food, this will quickly change the taste and structure. That is something we would all like to avoid. For example, think of a delicious bag of chips that you have just opened, but that you would rather use for a few days instead of eating the whole bag or throwing it away. Because let's be honest, who likes chips that have become soft and tasteless? By using a vacuum bag you ensure that the chips remain crispy and tasty for longer, so you prevent food waste and enjoy your favorite bag of chips for longer!

By vacuum-sealing food, you prevent oxygen from entering and the food then stays fresh longer. The structure of the food also changes much less quickly, because the moisture cannot penetrate the food during vacuuming. In addition, vacuuming food also ensures that no contamination can occur.

Preservation of taste

Imagine, you have made a delicious dish and your taste senses are almost overstimulated, it is that good. Then of course you want this taste not to diminish or diminish within a few days. Did you know that you can combat this by vacuuming your products? The flavors remain in the food much longer so that you can fully enjoy the tastiest meals!


Our assortment

Prevent the growth of bacteria on your food by using Souvy's affordable vacuum appliances! At Souvy we sell various items for vacuum sealing food. Consider, among other things, a vacuum machine, a vacuum bag with or without moisture strip or a vacuum container. The products we offer on our website are guaranteed to be of very good quality, so you can enjoy the products for years to come!


For the kitchen lover!

Are you someone who can often be found in the kitchen, and is very happy when a new recipe tastes even better than expected? Then vacuum packaging is for you! Store food longer and more efficiently and prevent food waste. Good for the environment and cost-saving for you. Try this hack now with Souvy products!

Frequently asked questions about vacuum packaging

Do you have questions about vacuuming? View the most frequently asked questions here. Do you have specific questions? Please contact us!