What is a high speed blender?


The high-speed blender has been for sale for some time, but due to the high price we first mainly came across them in the professional kitchen. Fortunately, these high speed blenders or power blenders are now a lot more affordable and so the device is increasingly finding a permanent place in the home chef's kitchen.

Why do you need a high-speed blender?

There is a short answer to that: power and high speed. High speed blenders have a very powerful motor that can effortlessly blend fibrous and hard ingredients into a silky smooth liquid.

Kale, spinach, dates – they can all be turned into the creamiest, smoothest puree you've ever tasted with the high-speed blender. Smoothie lovers love the power blender because they can add more fiber and therefore even more nutritional value to their drinks and chefs love the high speed blender because the device provides the fine texture of their soups and sauces.

Do you like to drink smoothies made from fiber-rich ingredients, do you want to blend nuts or do you generally use the blender a lot, then the high speed blender will certainly have advantages for you. Even if you are ready for a new blender and a high-speed model is within your budget, you would do well to opt for a super powerful model.

How do you know if a blender is a true high-speed blender?

There are two important differences between a regular blender and the high speed blender. First of all, the blender jar is made of super strong plastic or special tempered glass. Very robust and heat-resistant materials were chosen, among other things, because the friction and force in the blender jar are so powerful that simple plastic cannot provide sufficient resistance.

A second striking feature of the power blender is that the device will have a motor power of roughly between 1000 and 1500 Watts. That's about as much as a microwave or a vacuum cleaner. It is important to choose a technically well-designed device, because design is more important than enormous engine power. A poorly designed blender with an extremely powerful motor will simply perform poorly.

What parts does a high speed blender consist of?

  • Base – the unit containing the motor onto which you screw the jug.
  • Jug – The large glass or plastic container in which the ingredients are blended.
  • Knives – The metal knives at the bottom of the jug
  • Lid – The lid with which you close the jug of the power blender.
  • Dosing cap – A small cap in the lid that allows you to add liquid ingredients to the mix, such as oil. Always keep the lid closed while blending unless you want to add something liquid.
  • Spatula – A plastic pusher for pushing ingredients into the blender when the blender is running. Don't lose the spatula as it is specifically designed for the appliance. Be sure not to put a wooden spatula or other object into the blender while it is running. By the way, not every type of high speed blender comes with a spatula.


Usage tips for a high-speed blender

The high speed blender is a super handy device, but there are tips that will help you get the most out of these power blenders.

You and the blender need to work together

Don't think that everything happens automatically with a blender. Sometimes you will have to shake or wiggle the device a bit to ensure that everything mixes properly. Especially with the somewhat thicker mixtures. It is therefore always a good idea to first try out some recipes to learn how the power blender works and how to achieve the best results. There are of course plenty of recipes to choose from, from a smoothie to nut milk and be sure to see what happens when you crush ice in the high-speed blender.

Fill the blender jar correctly

If you want good results, do not fill the jug in any random way, but place the ingredients in the correct order in the jug. First liquid, then the powders, then the solid ingredients and then ice. This order ensures that blending goes smoothly, without you having to stir the mix yourself in between. Also fill the jug no more than two-thirds full and, for hot ingredients, no more than half full.

Check the speed of the power blender

Most high speed blenders are equipped with a dial that allows you to adjust the speed. Of course, you always start with the lowest speed and then run the device at a slightly higher speed. If you always start the device immediately at the highest setting, this requires a considerable effort from the motor. If you start on the lowest setting, the ingredients will splash around much less, so you rarely have to scrape the mixture off the edge of the jug with a spatula. On the other hand, you don't want the blender to run on the lowest setting for a very long time because this is also not very good for the motor.

In other words: start at the lowest setting and gradually increase the speed. For most ingredients, the blending time will not need to be longer than a minute. For the thicker pastes it is best to work in a pulsating manner; mix briefly several times in succession. If the blades are turning, but the ingredients are not blended, two things could be wrong. Either there is not enough food in the blender for the appliance to do its job properly and you will have to add ingredients or there is too much air in the blender jar. Then use the spatula to push the food a little closer to the blades.

Some ingredients are best soaked first

Some recipes for the high-speed blender indicate that you must pre-soak the ingredients first. For example, when we blend nuts to make a sauce or nut milk. A power blender is perfectly capable of making a smooth puree or paste from hard ingredients. However, it may be better to soak them first. Soaking will not only provide an even smoother and more even result, but also help your body to absorb the nutrients better.

Safety tips for using high speed blenders

The motor of a high speed blender is so powerful that switching on the device can sometimes be a bit rough and the lid can come loose if it is not properly tightened. Even when you place your hand on top of the lid. To avoid a mess in the kitchen: always check that the lid is properly secured before switching on the blender.

No boiling liquids in the blender jar

The blades in a high speed blender rotate very quickly. So fast that the contents are heated even further by the high-speed rotating blades. Therefore, make sure that the contents of the blender jar are not warmer than 50 degrees Celsius when blending. Even when you make soup in the power blender. The steam from the hot liquid can increase the pressure in the jar so much that the lid can be pushed off the blender during blending.

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