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Which sous vide products do I need?


Sous vide cooking sometimes sounds more complicated than it actually is. We will explain exactly which items you need to get started.

Sous vide device

The most important thing: the sous vide device , also called a sous vide stick or circulator. Without this device, no sous vide. Why you can't get the same results with a normal pan? The consistency. No hob can cook your food with precision, but a sous vide device can. Thanks to circulation, the temperature is always the same, exactly as you want it.

Many sous vide devices have come onto the market in recent years, with varying prices and quality.

sous vide stick wartmann

What should I pay attention to when buying a sous vide device?

  1. The power of the device: cheap devices often have less power than, for example, the Wartmann cooker . This means that the device can only keep small amounts of water at the right temperature.
  2. The size: There are also many sous vide water baths on the market. These are larger than the sous vide sticks. This is nice for some hobby chefs, but others prefer a stick as it fits more easily in the kitchen cupboard.
  3. The temperature: Sous vide cooking is generally done at lower temperatures, but it is still nice if the device can cook up to 95 degrees. It would be a shame if you couldn't make recipes because the appliance couldn't cook at a high enough temperature.
  4. The warranty: unfortunately we see it happen often enough with cheaper providers, a device breaks down and is not covered by the warranty. Fortunately, we have rarely experienced any problems with our products and at Souvy you have a one-year warranty on your products.

Sous vide accessories for the best results

If you strive for perfection in the kitchen and are always looking for the best end result, then choose sous vide. There is no doubt about that, because only with sous-vide can you achieve perfect cooking time and time again.

Have you decided? to immerse yourself in the world of sous vide cooking , then a good sous vide device is of course the absolute minimum to get started. The sous vide stick is needed to heat the water to the required temperature to achieve perfect doneness.

There are a number of accessories for sale that can help you as a hobby chef to deliver chef-worthy dishes. Consider the following sous vide products:

  • Vacuum bags
  • Vacuum device
  • Sous vide fry
  • Thermal insulation balls
  • Insulation cover
  • Smoking gun
  • Sous vide cleaning powder
  • Sous vide rack

These sous-vide accessories are not all necessary, but when you use them they can make an enormous contribution to the final result. We will go through these tools one by one, so that you know what they do, what you use them for and so you can get started with your first sous vide dish.

Vacuum bags and vacuum device

Sous vide and vacuum are inextricably linked. Sous vide is French for “under vacuum”. Sous vide always ensures the best results. By packaging the piece of meat, fish, poultry or even vegetables without air, i.e. vacuum, and then cooking it in a warm water bath, the desired doneness can be ensured. The core temperature of the ingredient will never exceed the temperature of the water. Your cooking will be perfect.

You can of course try to pack an ingredient without air in a zip-lock bag by keeping the zip-lock bag and its contents partially submerged in water to push the air out of the bag. If you get started with sous-vide, you will soon purchase a good vacuum sealer and good vacuum bags . Because that is the only way you will achieve the best end result.

The quality of the sous-vide bags and a vacuum sealer are very important. A poor quality vacuum device may not be able to vacuum the bags properly or seal the bags properly. As a result, water can enter the bag. It will inevitably lead to a ruined dish.

Er vacuum bags are sold that are not suitable for use in hot water. The bags can then leak or even release harmful substances to the ingredient being cooked in the bag. In both cases your preparation may fail. Therefore, buy a good vacuum device with vacuum bags for sous vide.

good vacuum bags

Sous vide fry

Although a sous vide stick can of course also be attached to the edge of a large pan, it is wise to choose a special container for sous vide. The sous vide device will fit better in a sous vide container, but the biggest advantage is that there is more than enough space for your dish to cook. Especially if you want to cook several vacuum bags and their contents at the same time, a spacious sous vide container ensures better water circulation and therefore even cooking of your dish.

An additional advantage, the container is made of crystal clear polycarbonate. So you can see the dish cooking live.

insulation sous vide

Thermal insulation balls

Sous vide is a cooking technique that you can use to cook ingredients in hot water for a longer period of time. To achieve perfect cooking with certain ingredients, it may be necessary to keep them immersed in the sous vide bath for a long time. Sometimes more than 24 hours. By using thermal insulation balls in the hot water bath, evaporation of the water can be kept to a minimum. The insulation balls also retain their heat better, which has a positive effect on the energy bill.


Thermal insulation cover

Where the thermal insulation balls insulate the top of the container, the insulation cover ensures that no heat escapes from the sides. The sleeve is made of neoprene and is therefore very soft and insulating.

insulation cover-12-liter container

Smoking gun

The smoking gun is a fairly new culinary innovation and has become an indispensable part of star cuisine. With this smoking gun you can add smoke flavor to your dish. That is also very easy. Put some wood moth or herbs in the smoking gun. By pressing the button, a fan starts running in the device. You light the wood moth with a lighter, after which the fan in the smoking gun ensures the necessary smoke development and circulation. It is advisable to use the smoking gun in combination with a smoke bell .

In the past you had to use smoke ovens to add smoke flavor, which could sometimes be quite laborious. With the smoking gun, adding smoky flavor is a piece of cake. You will find that you will use the smoking gun more often as a result. The smoking gun is therefore a very good alternative to a smoker.


Sous vide cleaning powder

Just like a kettle or espresso machine, you will have to descale the sous-vide stick every now and then. The device is used with tap water and that water contains lime. Depending on the region in which you live, the hardness of the water also differs and you will have to descale the sous-vide stick more or less often than average. You can use our sous vide cleaning powder for descaling. By occasionally using your sous vide stick in a container of water in which some of the powder has been dissolved, you can prevent limescale formation in the device.

Sous vide rack

When cooking sous vide, your goal is to ensure cooking in a water bath at a constant (low) temperature. The sous vide device ensures heating and circulation of the water, so that the water in the container has the same temperature everywhere. This is the only way your dish will cook evenly. The last thing you would want is for your vacuum bag to come into contact with the sous vide device or against the wall of the container due to the water flow. This way there is neither good circulation nor even cooking. It may have a negative effect on the end result of your preparation.

Place the sous vide rack in a sous vide container. You can then place your vacuum-sealed dishes easily and clearly in the rack. This way you maintain optimal water circulation with several vacuum bags in the water container, so that the temperature can be kept constant and cooking will proceed more evenly.

sous vide rack


Sous vide is a cooking technique that revolves around precision. By setting the temperature of the water bath to the correct temperature, your dish will reach the perfect core temperature, the optimal taste and the perfect structure after a certain time. As a chef you have perfect control over the end result.

It would be a shame if you missed important accessories and therefore your end result would be less than if you had used these accessories. So think carefully about what you want to achieve and tailor your sous vide accessories accordingly.

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