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If you're hosting an event or planning a large party, finding easy desserts for large groups can be quite a challenge. It can be overwhelming to take into account everyone's taste preferences and dietary restrictions, while also wanting to serve something that looks appealing and is easy to prepare. Fortunately, there are plenty of delicious and easy desserts that are suitable for large groups, without having to spend hours in the kitchen. In this blog we share some of our favorite desserts that are not only easy to make, but also perfect for serving to large groups. Whether you're hosting a formal occasion or a fun gathering with friends and family, these easy desserts for large groups are sure to impress your guests and provide them with a delicious ending to the meal.

A creamy dark chocolate mousse

One of the first easy desserts for large groups that we would like to share with you is the sous vide dark chocolate mousse, because who doesn't love chocolate? Sous vide dark chocolate mousse is a delicious and elegant dessert that will appeal to both adults and children. Using the sous vide cooking technique creates an incredibly creamy and fluffy texture, while also giving you full control over the temperature and doneness of the mousse. This makes it an ideal choice for serving to large groups, as you can easily prepare large quantities at once with minimal effort. Here you will find the tasty recipe. chocolate mousse dessert groups

White chocolate pudding

Another standout among the easy desserts for large groups is the sous vide white chocolate pudding. If you prefer white chocolate, this dessert is the perfect solution. Sous vide white chocolate pudding is a delicious and refined dessert that will make your guests melt with delight. By using the sous vide technique, you achieve a velvety texture that is simply irresistible. Moreover, this method ensures that you have perfect control of the temperature, which preserves the taste and quality of the white chocolate. The sous vide white chocolate pudding offers countless possibilities for personalization, allowing you to adapt the dessert to the taste preferences of your guests. Discover the unique recipe here and get started quickly!

Stewed pears: versatile and delicious

Stewed pears are an excellent option when serving meals for large groups, regardless of the season. Although they are often associated with winter side dishes for game, stewed pears can be used all year round in various dishes, such as pies, salads, desserts and cakes. They are the king among easy desserts for large groups. Sous vide stewed pears go perfectly with game and stews, thanks to their tasty mix of aromatic herbs, full-bodied red wine and juicy pears. Moreover, the pears, with their balanced sweet-sour ratio, make for a delicious dessert. Serve stewed pears at your next big gathering and surprise your guests with this versatile and tasty treat.

But how do you make this dessert? Make a marinade with wine and herbs, and bring it to the boil until it reduces to 1/3 of its volume. Set the sous vide device to 82 °C and peel and halve the pears. Divide the strained liquid and the pears among the sous vide bags and cook them in the water bath for 60 minutes (or longer for unripe pears). Check doneness by gently squeezing the pears. Serve the stewed pears immediately or cool them in ice water and use the remaining liquid as a sauce. Complete the dessert with ice cream and gingerbread cookies.

View the recipe of the king among the easy desserts for large groups here !

white chocolate pudding dessert group

The classic crème brûlée

Crème brûlée sous vide is a refined and tasty option for serving a dessert at gatherings with many guests. This classic French treat, known for its creamy texture and crunchy sugar coating, becomes even more delicious with the precision and consistency of sous vide cooking. By precisely controlling the temperature, you can prepare large quantities of crème brûlée at the same time without compromising on quality. Additionally, guests can enjoy the traditional flavor or you can offer variations, such as vanilla, lavender or orange, to please everyone's taste buds. Treat your guests to an unforgettable ending to the meal with sous vide crème brûlée and let everyone be amazed by this luxurious delicacy.

Set the sous vide device to 82 °C and prepare a mixture of egg yolks, sugar, salt, and heated cream with vanilla marrow. Divide the mixture among jars and let them cook in the sous vide container for 1 hour. Cool the jars quickly in ice water after cooking. Add a layer of sugar on top and burn it with a crème brûlée torch until golden brown. Let the sugar harden and enjoy your crème brûlée.

Is your mouth already watering and are you looking for an easy dessert for large groups?Here you will find the recipe.

Pineapple?! Yes, pineapple!

You wouldn't think it, but pineapple is one of the easy desserts for large groups. Sous vide pineapple is a surprising and easy dessert that is perfect for large groups. By preparing the pineapple sous vide, the fruit remains wonderfully juicy and retains its natural sweetness and aromas. This tropical treat can easily be made in large quantities without sacrificing quality or texture. Your guests will enjoy this tropical delicacy prepared sous vide.

We will give you a sneak peek at how to make this delicacy:

Set the sous vide device to 84 °C and clean the pineapple by removing the peel and core. Make sugar water with spices such as cinnamon, vanilla and juniper berries. Place the pineapple in sous vide bags and cook in the water bath for 60 minutes. In the meantime, prepare vanilla yogurt cream by mixing yogurt with vanilla marrow and icing sugar. Allow the pineapple to cool or grill it for extra flavor. Serve the sous vide pineapple with vanilla yogurt cream. View the full recipe here .


Find easy desserts for large groups that suit you

With all these delicious sous vide dessert options, there is bound to be a perfect choice for every occasion and taste. Whether you're looking for a tropical treat, a classic crème brûlée or a velvety chocolate mousse, preparing these easy desserts for large groups has never been easier. Thanks to sous vide techniques, serving impressive, tasty and well-presented desserts becomes a piece of cake. So what are you waiting for? Choose the sous vide dessert that suits you and surprise your guests with an unforgettable ending to the meal.

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