Blender benefits

Why do I need a blender? Is juice from the blender healthier? What are the benefits of a blender? Just a few questions you may have when buying a blender. In this article we will explain to you what the biggest advantages of a blender are.

A blender makes it easier for you to eat healthier

In a household with children – but of course also with adults – it can sometimes be quite a challenge to eat healthy. We all want to eat healthier, but it is often difficult to fit enough fruit and vegetables into your daily diet. With a blender you can quickly turn all those healthy ingredients into the most delicious juices, smoothies and purees.

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Quickly make fruit juice

A cup of fruit juice contains up to five pieces of fruit. With this you more than meet the advice of the Nutrition Office, because it recommends at least two pieces of fruit per day. If you would like to consume enough fruit, a blender is ideal for this. The blender is a commonly used device for making tasty fruit juices, because they take a lot of work off your hands.

After the blender has shown its tricks, the ingredients are transformed into a tasty smoothie: a hearty fruit juice full of good vitamins and pulp. If you would like a normal fruit juice, pass the mix through a sieve or cheesecloth to sift the pulp from the drink.

A smoothie from the blender is healthy

Blenders are often used for making smoothies. A smoothie is similar to a fruit juice, but in addition to the juice, it also contains fiber and pulp. The difference between fruit juice and a smoothie is that a smoothie is ready immediately after blending, while a fruit juice will still have to be sieved to remove the pulp from the final product. The pulp is rich in fiber and that is good for your intestines, among other things. A smoothie is therefore healthier than juice.

Strawberry milkshake

You make the best milkshakes yourself (with a blender)

A milkshake is not only a tasty treat on a hot day, it is also a festive dessert. Of course you can also make a milkshake without a blender. But why would you? A blender makes it so much easier for you. All you have to do is fill the blender jar with ice cream, milk and the necessary seasonings, such as strawberry, banana, and then press the blender’s start button. The blender will chop and mix all ingredients at lightning speed. Let the blender do its work for a few seconds and the end result will be a deliciously refreshing milkshake.

With a blender you retain the nutritional value

A salad is known as a healthy and nutritious meal. Especially when the goal is to eat as pure, healthy and fiber rich as possible. But did you know that fruits and vegetables from the blender also retain their nutritional value?

In fact, vegetables from the blender are healthier than raw vegetables. This is because the blender pulverizes the plant cell structure. This allows the maximum nutritional value to be absorbed by the body. And because the blender can mix very well, you can also add protein-rich ingredients, such as milk, yogurt or skyr, to provide even more nutritional value.

You can blend almost anything

A blender can chop and puree almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables. A good blender can even handle harder ingredients. Chopping ingredients such as ice cream or nuts is therefore no challenge for a decent blender, which is certainly a plus. With a good blender you can make fresh nut milk from scratch.

A blender saves time

Imagine that you wanted to eat healthy, but had to cut, chop and puree all those vegetables, fruits and nuts yourself to make a nutritious dish. By the time you’re done with that, you’ve probably either lost your appetite or you’ve already opted for a delivery meal. A blender takes a lot of work off your hands and ensures that you can prepare a super healthy, nutritious meal every day in just a few minutes. You benefit from that every day.

The best sauces on the table quickly

Maybe you thought you could only use a blender for smoothies and fruit juice. A blender is much more versatile, because you can also make the tastiest sauces, soups, dips and spreads with a blender. How about homemade hummus or pesto? You can make your own peanut butter or a fresh tomato sauce for the pasta.


Making a puree

A blender is often a much better option than a whole food processor. A blender is extremely versatile, the device is also a lot more compact and much simpler to use. The blender is perfect for turning vegetables or fruit into a silky smooth puree.

With the greatest of ease, the blender turns soft fruit, but also vegetables or meat into a puree. Harder vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots or apples, will of course have to be softened first by boiling or steaming them beforehand.

Using the blender as a mixer

You can use a blender to mix ingredients. That’s handy, because you don’t need a normal hand mixer.

The blender has much more power than a hand mixer and the blades of the blender spin at a much higher speed. So don’t blend for too long, because if you blend too intensively, too much gluten will be activated, which makes for a tough baking. So be careful. Fortunately, the pitcher is transparent, so you can keep an eye on the consistency of the mix.

Controlling blood sugar levels

A cup of fruit juice contains much more sugar than the same amount of smoothie. That’s because you need a lot more fruit to fill a cup with juice than with a smoothie. In fact, three times as much.

Unlike a normal fruit juice, a smoothie is packed with fiber. These fibers slow down the absorption of carbohydrates, so that the blood sugar level will rise more gradually after a meal. The fibers are therefore linked to a lower risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. In addition, the fibers feed the good intestinal bacteria

Summarizing the above

The benefits of a blender cannot be emphasized enough. The device offers a lot of functionality and can help you prepare healthy meals and drinks on a daily basis. If you are looking for a versatile, easy to clean, durable kitchen appliance to help you with chopping, mixing, pureeing and making juices and smoothies, then buying a blender makes sense.