5 gift tips for the hobby chef


For many of us, the holidays are also about good food. This is probably also one of the reasons why cooking gifts are so popular at this time of year. How nice is it to surprise the home chef or hobby chef in your life with a beautiful gift?

The best gift tips for cooking enthusiasts

The holidays are a good time to give something back to the person who is stirring the pots for you. Especially for the upcoming holidays, we have drawn up a list of the best gift tips for hobby chefs.

Whether you want to give someone a special gift for Sinterklaas or you are looking for the perfect gift for Christmas, we are happy to give you some inspiration for cooking gifts.

  1. A Sous-vide device

Do you want to make preparing Christmas dinner a lot easier? Then take a look at sous vide. That is guaranteed to save stress in the kitchen!

The word sous-vide comes from French and means 'under vacuum'. The idea is to vacuum pack that delicious piece of meat, fish or vegetables with a vacuum sealer (also a gift tip) and then let it float in a container of warm water for a few hours. That water is heated by the sous-vide stick .

A steak is medium-rare at a core temperature of 55 ºC. If you use a sous-vide device, the steak will never become warmer than the water in which it is cooked.

Did you know that the difference between a nice rosé or medium steak and a well-done steak is only about three degrees? That's why it's so hard to cook the perfect steak in a pan. With a sous vide device, the core temperature can be set accurately to within 0.1 degrees Celsius. This way you always ensure perfect doneness.

In the example above we were talking about steak with sous-vide, but you can also use this device to perfectly cook chicken and other poultry, fish and vegetables. Even perfect poached eggs are one of many possibilities. Sous-vide excels in convenience and is incredibly versatile and therefore our gift tip for every hobby chef!

powerful sous vide device

  1. A powerful high-speed blender

We all know how important a daily portion of vitamins and other nutrients are for a healthy body and mind. For anyone who has a New Year's resolution to be truly healthy or is looking for a good gift idea for demanding hobby chefs, our high-speed blenders are a solution.

The powerful motor of a high-speed blender effortlessly produces up to 30,000 revolutions per minute. That is a lot faster than a normal blender and this blender ensures a perfectly smooth result. You can make the tastiest smoothies and other drinks with this blender without any effort. But with this blender you can make more than fruit juice. At the push of a button you can transform fresh ingredients into soup or sauce, make pesto or spreads and even fruit ice cream is an option. Blending 2.0!


  1. Cold smoke yourself with a smoking gun or Smoking gun

Fire certainly involves some smoke. You can smoke cold with a smoking gun. This way you can easily add that delicious smoky flavor to a piece of salmon, meat or cheese. You can even use the smoking gun to give drinks a smoky flavor. Ideal for making that cheap whiskey that you received as a gift from your parents-in-law drinkable.

The smoking gun is much easier to use than a smoker. Fill the smoke gun with some smoke moth. You can choose from all kinds of wood types, herbs and even tea leaves can be used. The nice thing is that they all provide a different taste.

A smoking gun is simple to use. Once the smoking chamber is filled with wood moth and any other seasonings, switch on the device. A small fan in the smoke gun starts spinning and you use a lighter to light the wood moth. Hold the end of the hose above the product you want to smoke. It is best to cover the container with foil so that the smoke does not escape, but it is even better to use a special smoke dome . Nice gift tip for him?

cold smoke tool

  1. Nice books about cooking

Books always make a good gift. Especially for hobby chefs, who are always looking for inspiration. How about a nice book about cooking with sous-vide?

A sous-vide device can be used for many more things than just steak. Fish, poultry, vegetables and even perfect poached eggs. Is your hobby chef already enthusiastic about this new cooking technique? Our sous-vide cookbooks are full of tips and tricks to fully master vacuum cooking.

Of course, cooking goes beyond just sous-vide. For example, more and more people already have a Kamado BBQ in their garden. Not everyone uses all the possibilities that the 'big green egg' has to offer and that is a shame. The Ultimate Kamado Book provides a lot of information and tips on how to best use the kamado, such as maintenance and lighting the kamado. The fantastic kamado recipes in this book, 90 in total, will make everyone's mouth water. A nice gift tip.


  1. Chef's knife

Last but not least: the chef's knife. A chef uses his knife every day.

Without a good chef's knife, it is of course virtually impossible to present yourself as a hobby chef.

A chef's knife is therefore a nice gift for a hobby chef. Do you want to give a beautiful chef's knife to a cooking enthusiast? Take a look at our Japanese chef's knives . Razor sharp and without a doubt a feast for the eyes.

The KOTAI chef's knives from our range are available in different types, such as a santoku or gyuto. The blade is specially hammered. This not only gives these Japanese chef's knives the 'wow factor', but is also practical. The irregular surface creates air bubbles between the knife and the cut food, preventing them from sticking to the knife.

The KOTAI knives are forged from 440C steel. This is a premium steel with an exceptionally high carbon content. A guarantee of hardness and resistance. The knife consists of one piece of steel that extends from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle. This is not only durable, but it also gives these Japanese knives an ideal balance and therefore they have the best cutting properties.


Enough gift inspiration?

Hopefully the above list has given you enough inspiration to choose the very best gift for your kitchen prince or princess. But we also understand very well if, as a fanatic hobby chef, you simply buy one of the above gift tips for yourself.

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