Cast iron pan | 25cm

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About the cast iron pan 25cm

If you choose a cast iron pan, you choose a pan that will last a lifetime. This robust cast iron pan is very versatile and can be used on any BBQ and stove. Whether it concerns frying a perfect steak, a delicious fish or vegetables or making a cake, risotto or quiche, this pan is an all-rounder!

The ideal pan for the BBQ

This cast iron pan has a diameter of 25 centimeters and is made to be the perfect addition to the BBQ. The pan is of extra heavy quality and has a flat bottom that keeps it stable on the BBQ. A cast iron pan is a pure product. This has the great advantage that no chemical layers have been applied to the pan, so the food retains its authentic taste and is not affected by the pan.

Stylish & solid design

The pan looks very cool and also has a very solid design. This way you can easily lift the pan by the pan handle and also use the pan outside to cook on an open fire. It is a real asset for every outdoor chef who wants to prepare culinary dishes. With this pan you can serve the tastiest meals from the BBQ, a campfire in the garden or in nature or just at home in the kitchen!

Experience the benefits for yourself now!

  • Almost no maintenance – Thanks to the cast iron, the pan has a good non-stick coating. The pan requires little maintenance and continues to prepare everything perfectly over the years.
  • Equipped with pouring spouts - The skillet pan is equipped with pouring spouts on both sides to easily pour sauces, for example.
  • Suitable for all heat sources – Because the pan is made of cast iron, it is suitable for all heat sources, including gas, electric and induction.

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