The three ways of packaging

sous vide verpakken

One of the biggest misunderstandings about sous vide cooking is that only fully vacuum-sealed ingredients can be prepared. This could only be done with a vacuum sealer, because it allows you to completely vacuum the products. The thought is not strange since 'sous vide' in French literally means 'under vacuum'. However, there are a total of three ways to package ingredients. In this article you can read all about the ways to package ingredients and then prepare them sous vide. In contrast to vacuum sealing with a vacuum device, the other 2 ways of sous vide packaging are an excellent alternative. This concerns the following variants: stretch film and glass jars.

Stretch film

Stretch film is often used when making rouleau or roulade. Take this recipe for incredibly tender chicken rouleau, for example. Because the product, in this case the chicken roulade, is tightly rolled up in stretch film, the product is vacuum packed and can be used immediately. It is important that the stretch film is of good quality , otherwise it may be unsafe for sous vide cooking . You can see how to roll up a roulade so that you can then prepare it sous vide in the video below.

Glass jars

The must-have when preparing crème brûlée and, for example, pate, are glass jars. You can use almost all glass jars and, for example, preserving jars for this. You can purchase these jars at any supermarket or stores, including Action, Xenos or Big Bazar. What is ideal about these jars is that you can also serve them after preparation.

Vacuum seal in vacuum bags

Purchasing a vacuum sealing machine is no longer expensive these days, and there are many advantages in return. By completely vacuuming the ingredient , freshness and shelf life are extended by up to five times. This allows you to prepare larger quantities of food and freeze them immediately. This saves time cooking, as you can cook for several days at a time. Furthermore, freezer burn cannot occur, which affects the structure of the products. In addition, vacuuming keeps the food free of bacteria. Finally, the vacuum process allows for particularly quick marinating. The marinade completely envelops the ingredient and the vacuum is absorbed very quickly into the product. There are many advantages to vacuum sealing ingredients, making purchasing a vacuum sealer a good investment.

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Maar als je dan de biefstuk hebt ontdooid hoe warm je deze dan weer op alvorens af te bakken (ik heb trouwens een oven met sous vide mogelijkheid)
Alvast hartelijk bedankt voor een reply!

Hallo, blijft de kwaliteit en smaak van het vlees na het invriezen goed?

Hallo Nancy. De kwaliteit en smaak van het vlees blijft het beste op het moment dat deze wordt gevacumeerd in een vacuumzak.

Hi Jolanda,

Dat kan alleen als de glazen bak hittebestendig is. Daarom zou ik onze sous vide bakken aanraden.

Hi Babs. Een gehele maaltijd in een keer garen is niet mogelijk omdat elk ingrediënt een specifieke kooktijd nodig heeft met een bepaalde temperatuur. Enkel het opwarmen van een maaltijd is echter wel mogelijk met sous vide.

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