Wartmann Cooker

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Wartmann Cooker

Thanks to the smart design, you can attach this sous vide device to any pan or container (min. 18 cm high). Grab the device by the clamp and easily secure it securely. To prevent heat from being lost during sous vide preparation, it is very important to close the pan properly. A lid with a recess for the device is the perfect solution for this. Our sous vide containers are specially made for the Wartmann Cooker. If you are looking for a cheaper device, take a look at this sous vide controller !

Heating up to 20 liters

With its 1300 Watts, this sous vide cooker is able to heat up to 20 liters of water and circulate it up to 95 ºC. This is enough to prepare, for example, 40 duck breasts or 30 steaks at the same time! Preparing a large amount at the same time becomes very easy.

Cook without worries with the Wartmann Cooker

Thanks to the alarm and the built-in timer, you know exactly when your food is ready. The device will notify you as soon as the water has reached the right temperature so that the dish can be placed in it. As soon as the food has been cooked long enough, the appliance will notify you again. This way your dish is always cooked exactly right!

Accurate to 0.5 °C

The temperature of the cooker is accurate to 0.5 °C. This allows you to cook sous vide at the temperature of your preference.

Sustainable design

The lower part of the device - which comes into contact with water - is made of stainless steel, and will therefore not rust. Does this make cleaning unnecessary? No. The limescale in the tap water will cause limescale to form on the device after a number of uses. But no worries! This deposit can easily be removed with Souvy descaling agent .

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Geweldig resultaat, keer op keer!


Zeer krachtig apparaat, werkt vrij gemakkelijk en het ontwerp is dik in orde.


Wauw, echt wel bijzonder verrassend! Ik kook al jaren voor familie en vrienden alleen dit is toch wel een leuke toevoeging in de keuken. Had eerst mijn twijfels of het niet te ingewikkeld was maar dit viel me alles behalve mee. Heb nu 5 gerechten gemaakt en het blijft elke keer een verrassing hoe het eruit komt. De kinderen willen niet anders meer!

Jorden Kuijper

Great product! Loved the service!


Werkt gemakkelijk en nu al heerlijke recepten mee gemaakt!