Kotai 6-piece knife set

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About the Kotai 6-piece knife set

1. Paring knife with hammered blade 10 cm
2. Gyuto (chef's knife) hammered blade 20 cm
3. Hammered bread knife 20 cm
4. Magnetic bamboo knife holder large enough for 6-8 knives
5. Sharpening steel rod 30 cm
6. Sharpening set including 400/1000 grit water stone, non-slip bamboo base, 15 degree sharpening guide and corundum stone flattener

* 100% handmade
* Ultra-sharp 440C Japanese steel
*Full tang
* Black pakka wood handle
* HRC hardness: 60 +/-1
* Perfectly balanced
* Stainless steel
* Bamboo saya (sheath) included with each knife
*Guaranteed for life

The 15 degree sharpening angle (compared to 20 to 25 degrees for a regular knife) allows you to cut and chop without crushing even the most delicate ingredients, so they retain all their flavor.

All KOTAI knives are forged with 440C steel, a high-quality steel that combines high carbon content for hardness and long edge life with the optimal amount of chromium to prevent oxidation.

The hidden full tang - a single piece of steel that runs from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle - gives the knives ideal balance and excellent durability.

Besides the aesthetic appeal, hammering the "Tsuchime" (槌目) knife creates small air bubbles between the knife and the food slices.
This ancestral Japanese method prevents food from sticking to the blade for a pleasant and quick cut.

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