Meat grinder

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Imagine: homemade minced meat and sausages with just the right herbs and spices. With our meat grinder you can take your cooking skills to the next level. Get it today!

Perfect for home use

Our meat grinder is ideal for small quantities. So whether you are preparing an intimate dinner or a nice BBQ with friends, this mill is ready for you. But beware: although powerful and efficient, this device is not intended for professional use. Perfect for the home chef who values ​​freshness and quality.

Sturdy and durable

With an aluminum housing, you know that this meat grinder can take a beating. The cast iron input container, complete with meat holder and dust cover, guarantees that your meat remains clean during grinding. The stainless steel blade cuts effortlessly through your meat, while the aluminum worm screw ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Versatility at its best

Thanks to the included plates with 4 mm and 7 mm perforations, you can choose the coarseness of your minced meat yourself. And it gets even better: with the three filling funnels you can make sausages in different sizes. From thin chipolatas to thick bratwursts – the choice is yours. With the Americain accessory you can create the perfect fillet Americain on the table in no time.

Easy in use

You can operate the mill effortlessly with the on/off/reverse switch. Turned the wrong way once? No problem, you can solve this easily with the reverse switch. Despite all this power, the device weighs only 5.2 kg, making it easy to move and store.

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