Butcher paper 30 sheets

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About this Butcher paper 30 sheets

You may recognize this butcher paper as the well-known pink butcher's paper that every specialty store wraps its meat with. It is the ideal paper during a BBQ session. This way you can take all your meat meals such as spare ribs, brisket, pulled pork and short ribs to a higher and more professional level. Indispensable for anyone who enjoys a tasty piece of meat!

Prepare the most perfect piece of meat

Previously, aluminum foil was the only way to properly wrap your meat. Aluminum foil has the disadvantage that it is almost completely airtight. This means that the crust of the meat, which you probably worked on for hours, becomes moist and starts to steam. This basically ruins all your hard work. This butcher's paper, on the other hand, ensures that most of the heat is retained, but that the meat can still breathe properly. This allows the meat to retain a lot of moisture and maintain that beautiful thick crust!

Completely grease-free and breathable

The butcher paper is completely grease-free and breathable. This allows you to cook all your meat dishes low & slow, without losing much moisture. The paper is perfect to use for the BBQ and special meat meals at home. You can use the paper for pulled pork and brisket.

  • The ideal preparation of meat - The paper ensures that the meat remains moist, protects its crust and absorbs extra smoke aroma.
  • 30 sheets – The packages contain 3 x 10 sheets of butcher paper.
  • Easy to use – All you have to do is wrap your piece of meat in the butcher paper and the paper will do the rest! The paper is completely natural and does not affect the taste of the meat.

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