Smoked salt

Would you like to give your salt that authentic, smoky taste? In this recipe we explain how to make the best salt ever in a simple way.


  • 50 gr sea salt
  • 1 gr wood moth


  1. The preparation

    Place the salt in a small container and place this container in the sous vide container. Close the tray with foil.

  2. Smoking

    Add the wood moth to the Smoking Gun and turn it on. Make sure the container is completely filled with smoke and try to let as little smoke escape as possible. You don't have to refill the smoke all the time, 20 seconds of smoking should be enough.

  3. Wait

    Let the salt smoke for about 5 minutes in the container and taste the salt. Do you have the taste you want? Then you can take the salt out of the container. Do you want the taste even more intense? Then let the salt smoke even longer and use more wood moth.

    You can use this salt for literally anything. From meat, fish and poultry but also delicious to sprinkle with a warm roll from the oven. Will you let us know how you liked the salt through #kokenmetsouvy?