Flame retardant oven gloves

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Extensive protection

With these flame-retardant oven gloves from HENDI, your safety and comfort in the kitchen is the highest priority. These oven gloves are more than just a simple kitchen utensil. They ensure that every cooking and baking activity is carried out safely. We explain to you what makes these flame-retardant oven gloves so unique.

Maximum protection with extra length

These oven mitts go further where others stop. They provide comprehensive protection that not only ensures security for your hands, but also your forearms. The extra-long design ensures that even when you have to reach deep into the oven or maneuver large pans, you remain protected from heat and hot splashes. This is especially useful when using the grill or preparing dishes at high temperatures.

Double guarantee for optimal safety

When you are working in the kitchen, it is often a challenge to handle hot objects. With a set of two flame-retardant oven gloves, HENDI offers you the certainty that both your hands are fully protected. This is not only a plus for your safety, but also for your peace of mind. Whether you have to move a hot pan or carry a heavy baking dish, these two mittens guarantee a secure grip.

Certified reliability

These flame-retardant oven gloves are not just safe, they are officially certified and comply with the CE directive for Personal Protective Equipment 2016/425/EU. This means that they have not only been tested, but also confirmed to comply with strict European safety standards. You can trust that these mittens provide a level of protection recognized by safety experts.

Robust flame retardant cotton

The material from which these flame-retardant oven mitts are made is not ordinary cotton. It has been specially treated to be flame retardant, which provides an extra layer of protection against possible burns. This robust material can withstand the intense heat of ovens and hobs, allowing you to handle the hottest dishes safely and with confidence.

Ease of use and maintenance

In addition to safety, the ease of use of these oven mitts is an essential factor. They are designed for practical storage and maintenance:

Easy to store

After use, you can easily hang the oven mitts on a hook, so they are always within reach for your next culinary project. This easy-to-use design means you never have to search for your protection when you need it most.

Designed for durability

These flame retardant oven gloves are made for long-term and frequent use. They are an investment in your safety and comfort in the kitchen that will last for years to come. Thanks to their robust construction, you can count on them to continue to do their job, cook after cook.

Trust and quality from HENDI

HENDI is known for its reliability and quality in kitchen products. These oven mitts are no exception. With the confidence of a brand highly regarded by kitchen professionals, you know you have a quality product in your hands.

Worry-free cooking, every time

Despite their high performance, it is important to know that these flame retardant oven mitts are not suitable for the washing machine. However, they are very easy to clean with a cloth or by hand washing, making them ready for use again quickly.

With HENDI's flame-retardant oven gloves you can take on any culinary challenge with confidence. Add them to your kitchen arsenal and experience what it's like to take control of your kitchen with complete confidence.

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