Cut-resistant gloves - 2 pcs.

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The revolutionary cut-resistant gloves from HENDI

In any kitchen where speed and precision come together, safety is of the utmost importance. HENDI's cut-resistant gloves have been developed with the greatest care to meet this essential need. These cut-resistant gloves, made from a high-quality blend of HPPE, polyester fibers and nylon, not only offer resistance to the sharpest knives, but also ensure a comfortable fit that does not restrict the freedom of movement of your hands. With a level 4 cut resistance, the second highest level of protection, you can take on the challenges of slicing, chopping and filleting with confidence.

It is the combination of innovative materials and smart design that sets these gloves apart. They provide a level of protection you would expect in an industrial environment, but with the finesse required for detailed kitchen work. The result is an anti-cut glove that does not hinder your culinary skills, but rather supports and protects you.

Designed for the challenges of the kitchen

Whether you are a professional chef or a hobby chef who likes to experiment with new recipes, the HENDI cut-resistant gloves are designed to meet every challenge in the kitchen. The cut-resistant gloves go beyond cut resistance. They are also abrasion resistant to level 3, meaning they can withstand the rough work that often occurs in meal preparation. This durability ensures that your gloves can withstand not only knives, but also the friction that occurs during everyday use.

This makes the gloves suitable not only for handling knives, but also for working with other sharp kitchen instruments. Whether you are peeling vegetables, deboning meat or filleting fish, you can rest assured that your hands are well protected.

Reliable quality from HENDI

The name HENDI is synonymous with quality and reliability in the kitchen, and these gloves only strengthen that reputation. Not only do they promise instant protection against cuts, but they are also built to stand the test of time. The combination of advanced materials and construction means these gloves are more than just a purchase; they are an investment in the safety and efficiency of your kitchen practices. By choosing HENDI, you choose a product that will continue to perform both now and in the future.

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