Whipped cream maker Kitchen Line black with whipped cream patterns

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The secret of perfect whipped cream
Every home baker or hobby chef knows: it's the finishing touch that counts. With the Kitchen Line whipped cream maker in stylish matte black you can give every dessert that professional touch.

Distinctive and versatile

  • Stylish design: The matte black coated aluminum of the bottle, cup and cartridge holder exudes class and looks great in any modern kitchen.
  • Ultimate flexibility: Thanks to the set of 3 polypropylene nozzles, you can determine the look of your whipped cream yourself. From sleek and modern to playful and voluminous.
  • Easy to maintain: The included cleaning brush guarantees that you will have the device radiantly clean again in no time.

Always ready to use

Thanks to the included whipped cream cartridges, you no longer have to run to the store just before that dinner. They are always ready to use and guarantee perfect whipped cream every time.

Your guarantee for success

  • Universal compatibility: These cartridges are suitable for all commercially available whipped cream makers. Easy, right?
  • Years of fun: With a shelf life of 5 years, you don't have to worry about them losing their potency.
  • Sufficient stock: Packed per 10, so you always have enough at home for all those delicious desserts and coffee moments.

Why wait?

Imagine: your next dinner party, family gathering or just an evening for yourself. With the Kitchen Line whipped cream maker, your desserts and drinks will always be the star of the evening.

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