Pasta machine Hendi

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About this Pasta Machine Hendi

Do you want to prepare the tastiest pasta at home? With this chrome-plated pasta machine from Hendi you can make delicious fresh pasta every time. A pasta machine is ideal for anyone who likes to eat pasta. Homemade pasta simply tastes the best! A big advantage of this pasta machine is that you have full control over the ingredients. This allows you to make varied pasta, depending on your mood and what you fancy.

Make fresh pasta to your taste!

The pasta machine is fully adjustable in 7 steps from 0.2 to 2.5 mm. So in addition to the ingredients, you can also determine how thick the pasta will be! In addition, a pasta maker saves you a lot of time when making your own pasta. The evenness thanks to the roller and the accessories are also easier to handle, as is the amount of paste. This allows you to make the perfect amount of pasta for your meal.

Easy to use

To make pasta making as smooth as possible, the pasta machine is equipped with a crank and a table attachment. This prevents the pasta machine from sliding away when you roll the pasta through it with the crank. The pasta machine contains aluminum alloy rollers/cutters. This makes it easy to roll the dough, cut tagliatelle and cut fettuccine!

Experience the benefits yourself!

  • For different types of pasta – With this pasta machine you can easily make tagliatelle, fettuccine, lasagna, tagliolini and other pastas!
  • Easy to use – You can easily adjust the pasta machine to your liking. This way you can easily adjust the thickness of the pasta and you only have to turn the crank to guide the pasta through the machine.
  • Stays firmly in place – Thanks to the table mounting, the pasta machine always stays firmly in place.

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