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Sous vide accessory package

Do you want to cook sous vide at home but are you still missing the right accessories? With this sous vide accessory package you have everything you need to cook sous vide yourself. This package contains a sous vide container, cleaning powder, sous vide bags and sous vide rack so you can make the most delicious sous vide dishes yourself.

Package contents:
Cleaning powder

Do you want to quickly and easily remove limescale from your sous vide device? You can do this with Souvy descaling powder. This powder, based on citric acid, is the ideal solution for cleaning a device. If the sous vide device is not descaled, limescale can accumulate, which reduces the function of the device and can cause damage.

Sous vide container 12 liters

This polycarbonate container is designed in such a way that the Wartmann Cooker fits perfectly in it. The container can withstand high temperatures and is also dishwasher safe.

Sous vide bags

These sous vide bags have been specially developed for home cooks. No ordinary bags, but extra sturdy bags made up of multiple layers. The bags can withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees.

Sous vide rack

This handy rack offers space for 4 vacuum bags and is easy to keep clean. This rack keeps the vacuum-packed products under water so that they can cook more evenly.

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Ik had al een apparaat maar miste nog wat accessoires. Bak is prettig en samen met het rekje kan ik nu meer producten kwijt.


Jammer dat er niet duidelijk bij de beschrijving staat dat het hier om vacuüm zakken gaat.


Thanks Souvy, kan weer even vooruit ?