Smoke bubble making cocktail


Serve your drink, cocktail or dessert with a spectacular smoke bubble. The bubble blowing technique using the smoking gun produces special smoke-filled bubbles on top of your glass. After serving, your guests can pierce the bell themselves, resulting in a cloud of fragrant smoke. It does take some practice and preparation.


  1. Bubble liquid or baby shampoo
  2. Smoking gun / Smoke gun
  3. Bar accessories
  4. The (filled) glasses


Make sure the Smoking gun is ready for immediate use. This means that the bell adapter is attached to the hose and that the smoker is filled with the desired smoke moth. Keep a lighter nearby.

Make the perfect bubble liquid. Use water and dishwashing liquid for this. As a rule of thumb, 1/3 part dishwashing liquid to 2/3 part water. The brand of detergent can also make a difference. There is also ready-made bubble blowing liquid for sale. You can determine the correct mix by blowing through the tube with the adapter yourself. You don't need the smoker yet. This is how you make your perfect bubble blowing liquid. You can also use baby shampoo.

smoke bubble cocktail

A bell breaks immediately when it comes into contact with a dry surface. It is therefore important that the top rim of the glasses is well moistened. The inside of the glass must also be moist everywhere. Just before you place the bell, moisten the edge. You can also fill the glasses to the brim, but then serving is of course difficult. Dip the adapter in the bubble liquid and turn on the smoker.

A small bubble immediately forms. With a smooth movement you pull the bubble free from the liquid. Then, carefully place the bubble at the top of the glass, or just above the glass, until it touches the edge. Slowly pull up on the adapter as the bubble grows. Make the bubble slightly larger than the circumference of the glass and with the same smooth movement, pull the adapter away. If all goes well, the smoke-filled bubble will remain on the glass. This bubble is fragile but can last for up to several minutes. It is of course important to serve the glasses quickly, but do so carefully. After serving, your guests can pierce the bell themselves. After the surprising pop, the smoke rises and the aroma spreads.

Edible bubbles

Would you rather not use a real bubble blower? You can also buy your edible bubbles. These products are a bit more difficult to obtain in the Netherlands, but you can order them via Amazon. To do this, search for “Lick-a-Bubble”.

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Beste Souvy,

Geweldig effect, maar is er geen risico dat je drankje naar afwasmiddel gaat smaken, eens die bel alle kanten uit gespat is?





Hi Maarten,

Je zult er geen last van hebben aangezien het echt een minimale hoeveelheid is en de rooksmaak overheerst. Wel kun je zoals onderaan in de blog aangegeven staat ook voor een andere optie kiezen.

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