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Healthier cooking with sous vide

Gezonder koken met sous vide

Healthier cooking with sous vide

There are dozens of reasons why cooking with a sous-vide stick is better. Just think about perfect cooking and tenderness, better flavors, but also ease of use and how you can achieve the best results with sous-vide every time. We could rattle on about it for hours. But we're not going to do that this time. Today we are going to talk in detail about the health benefits that cooking with sous vide has to offer.

Because today our health is more important than ever. It seems as if everyone is looking for a better balance, making responsible choices and consuming healthy and responsible food. Not surprising of course, because our health affects our quality of life. A wise Greek man known as Hippocrates apparently once wrote: “Let food be your medicine.” He meant by this: food can make you healthy, but food can also make you sick. More and more scientific research comes to the conclusion that our intestines have a major influence on our physical and mental condition. Healthy cooking is therefore vital to stay healthy for a long time. 

How can sous vide help you cook healthier?

With sous vide, everyone can cook healthier at home. First of all, of course, because cooking at home is much healthier. If you cook at home, you eat fewer carbohydrates, eat less fat and use much less salt than you would compared to a meal you eat out. When you prepare your own meal at home, you know exactly what is in your food. You purchase the ingredients yourself and therefore have control over the quality and sustainability of what you buy. This allows you to provide the healthiest meat, fish and vegetables. This can prevent allergies and hypersensitivities to certain ingredients. That saves your body a lot of unnecessary stress.

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Healthier cooking

But cooking with sous vide of course has even more health benefits

Sous vide ensures the preservation of nutrients and vitamins. There are a few things that can cause vitamins and nutrients to be lost. Exposure to heat, water and oxygen affects the final amount of vitamins in your meal. Overcooked or overcooked foods are less healthy and sometimes even very unhealthy, for example in the case of burnt food. With sous vide, none of this plays a role. Everything good and healthy is retained in the sealed and therefore completely airtight packaging. With sous vide, the dish is cooked at a much lower temperature than would be the case with cooking, steaming or baking. This ensures that the nutritional value is retained much better and healthy cooking becomes a breeze.

Using sous vide makes our food easier to digest

Many of the vegetables we eat are more easily digested by our body if they are no longer completely raw, but cooked just enough. The cooking breaks down the cell walls, making it easier for your body to digest. Animal proteins, such as meat and to a slightly lesser extent fish, contain collagen. The sous vide cooking process will convert the collagen in the food into gelatin. The gelatin is ultimately easier for our body to absorb. The collagen we mentioned earlier is a body's own protein. Collagen plays an extremely important role in having and keeping a healthy body. 

Scientific research has shown that collagen is important for healthy skin, strong bones and flexible tendons. This protein is also important for keeping cartilage flexible and even our teeth benefit from sufficient collagen. In addition, collagen can help to repair the stomach wall and intestinal wall, for example with problems caused by stomach acid or leaky gut syndrome.

With sous vide you use less fat

If you cook with sous vide, you use less fat. The explanation for this is simple. The food is not cooked in the pan, so you don't need to use butter or oil to prevent the ingredient from sticking to the pan.  Don't get us wrong, we are absolutely not anti-fat. In fact, we actually like the good fats. Because nothing beats the taste of butter or good olive oil, right? That is why we always use some fat in the pan, so that we can properly fry our perfect sous vide steak without the risk of it sticking in the pan.

But it is a fact. With sous vide, the amount of fat we need is much, much less than if we were to cook the same steak directly in the pan.  With a healthy lifestyle it is important to use fats responsibly. Sous vide can help you use less fat when cooking.

Sous vide improves food safety

Sous vide and food safety. We see this topic come up regularly. Because with sous vide you cook the food at a low temperature. As long as you use the minimum cooking times and the minimum temperature, you can't go wrong. When you let meat (beef, lamb or pork) float in the sous vide bath at a temperature of at least 55 degrees Celsius and in the case of chicken at least 60 degrees, you are actually pasteurizing the meat. This means that harmful bacteria don't stand a chance.

You can also choose to wipe the surface of the meat before cooking it vacuum packed to sterilize briefly. You can do this by immersing it in boiling hot water for about thirty seconds or briefly turning the meat on in the pan. After the sous vide cooking you can finish frying the meat. This not only provides that beautiful color and texture to the dish, but it also kills any bacteria.

Sous vide makes it easier to prepare larger quantities of healthy food in advance

As with many of our good intentions, they often don't last long. The reason is often that it is too difficult to fit the good intentions into our lives. Busy job, little time, children; There are plenty of reasons why it is difficult to put a healthy meal on the table every time. Sous vide can also help you with this. With sous vide it is perfectly possible to prepare multiple portions of the same dish at the same time. You can cook several vacuum-sealed pieces of meat or vegetables at the same time in the sous vide bath. They will all have the same perfect cooking.

Once the dish is ready, you can cool it again and keep it in the refrigerator for a few more days or you can freeze it. Your sous vide dishes can be stored in the freezer for up to three months. In one of our previous blogs about it cooling sous vide dishes you can read more about this topic. Before use, thaw the dish in the refrigerator. If necessary, you can immediately reheat the sealed dish in the sous vide bath or bake it in the pan. You reheat with the sous vide at the temperature at which the dish was initially cooked, otherwise 54 degrees Celsius is always a safe choice. Do you want to surprise your family this Christmas? Then take a look at this one sous vide Christmas recipes !

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