Vacuum machine

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Vacuum machine

With this vacuum machine you can easily and quickly vacuum pack food. The vacuum sealing machine draws the air from the vacuum bag and then seals it. It is a universal vacuum machine that can vacuum pack any vacuum bag, as long as the width of the bag fits in the device.

Extended shelf life

This vacuum device ensures that you can store food vacuum-packed. This prevents food from having to be thrown away unnecessarily. Foods have a shelf life of up to five times longer when vacuum packed.

Advantages of vacuum packaging

Vitamins and flavorings are better preserved in the vacuum bags. So you can cook even tastier and healthier sous vide. The bags are also suitable for freezing food. Because oxidation cannot take place due to the vacuum packaging, bacteria do not have a chance to develop on the product. This prevents freezer burn. The vacuum machine can be used for vacuuming products at high and low temperatures.

Marinate quickly

In addition to retaining flavorings by vacuuming, the vacuum machine offers the opportunity to add more flavor to the food. Traditional marinating is time-consuming. This vacuum sealer is the solution, because with this device you can marinate your food within a few minutes.

How does it work?

  1. Place the vacuum bag correctly in the device.
  2. Close the vacuum machine by pressing both sides simultaneously.
  3. Set the pressure and type of food and press the vacuum button
  4. Once the bag has been vacuumed, the process is complete.

Easy storage

With its sleek design and modern finish, this vacuum device can easily be combined with your current kitchen appliances and utensils. In addition, this vacuum sealer is easy to store due to its light weight and handy size .

Review vacuum

“The Wartmann 1507 SL is the cheapest vacuum sealer we tested, and also the most beautiful in its price range.”

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Echt een leuk bedrijf souvy. Mocht mijn bestelling ophalen op kantoor aan de wilhelminakade in Rotterdam. Super vriendelijk geholpen


Heel fijn apparaat, niet zo groot als al die andere vacumeerapparaten!