Vacuum devices for home use

Simple and quick airtight packing of food is done with the Souvy vacuum devices for home use. Extend the life up to 5 times with vacuum packed products. We offer the best vacuum equipment for the amateur chef such as Wartmann and Hendi. Compact, simple and easy to store.

Vacuum machine


vacuum pump


Vacuum package

Vacuum device package

Vacuum device-pro package

Vacuum device deluxe package

Vacuum bags for home use

Keep your food safe with Souvy's BPA-free home vacuum bags.

vacuum bags

Set of 50 pieces.  

vacuum bags roll

resealable-vacuum bag

Vacuum bags - benefits package

  • 2 x Sous vide bags 20 x 30cm. Total 100 pieces.
  • 2 x Sous vide roll (2 per package, total 4 rolls). Total of 24 meters.

Vacuum bags-complete-package