Smoked whiskey

In Ireland it's whiskey, in Scotland whiskey. Both super tasty, but how do you turn a normal whiskey into one you will never forget? You do it with the smoking gun from Souvy!


  • whiskey (choice)
  • 1 gr wood moth


  1. Smoke the whiskey

    Place the whiskey, per glass in the sous vide container or other transparent container of your choice. Add the wood chips to the Smoking Gun and turn it on. Make sure the container is completely filled with smoke (about 20 seconds) and try to let as little smoke escape as possible. You don't have to keep refilling the smoke, in principle, the smoke should escape almost completely.

  2. Intense smoke flavour

    Let the whiskey stand in the bowl for 5 minutes and taste the whiskey. The flavor of the whiskey should now have a much deeper, more intense taste. Do you have the taste you want? Then you can drink the whiskey. Do you want an even more intense flavor? Then let the whiskey smoke even longer and use some extra wood dust.

  3. Enjoy

    This way of smoking can be applied to any kind of whiskey. I do recommend going for a fairly neutral flavor though. Will you let us know which whiskey you smoked by using #souvy on social media?

    Serving tip: use the last bit of wood dust to smoke at the table, this gives a spectacular effect for your guests!