Smoked olive oil

Smoked olive oil gives your food an extra taste experience. By cold-smoking the olive oil, you do not get the bitter taste that is normally released by hot-smoking. Choose a tasty extra virgin olive oil and play with the different smokes for different flavors.


  • 250ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 1gr wood moth


  1. Preparation

    Fill your smoking gun with wood chips of your choice. Pour the olive oil into a bowl and place under the smoking gun. Smoke for 1-3 minutes for a mild smoke flavor or longer than 3 minutes for a heavier smoke flavor.

  2. Use of the smoked olive oil

    You can use the smoked olive oil in various ways. We have listed some ideas for you below:

    • In salads as a dressing
    • On bread
    • In hot and cold pasta
    • With shellfish such as oysters
    • Fresh fish such as tuna or mackerel