Smoked butter

This recipe for smoked butter gives an intense smoky flavour to meat, fish or vegetables. How to use it? Use cooked vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, mushrooms or asparagus and fry them in this flavouring butter. And what do you think of lobster or sole with a subtle smoky flavour? Try this recipe together with the Smoking Gun and fry a piece of meat or fish in this delicious smoked butter. Or simply use it on bread. Let us know in the comments below what you use this butter for.


  • 100 gr butter
  • 1 gr wood dust
  • 1 gr coarse sea salt


  1. The preparation

    Put the butter in a bowl and cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Fill the smoking chamber of the Smoking Gun with smoke dust. Place the rubber hose under the foil so that the smoke can reach the butter. Cover the bowl completely so that the smoke cannot escape.

  2. Let's get smokey

    Turn on the Smoking Gun and light the smoke dust with a lighter. Make sure the bowl is completely filled with smoke. Remove the rubber hose from the bowl and immediately cover the bowl again. Make sure that as little smoke as possible escapes. Let the smoke soak into the butter for at least three minutes.

  3. More intense smoke flavor?

    If you like an intense smoky flavor, you may choose to leave the butter covered longer or use more smoke dust.

  4. Serving

    Serve the smoked butter for example with fresh bread. Add some coarse sea salt to the butter for even more flavour. Enjoy the Smoking Gun smoked butter!