Dulche de leche

Dulche de leche is a perfect example that cooking doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you only need 1 ingredient! Steal the show with sous vide dulche de leche! Delicious on pancakes, ice cream or on (cup)cakes.


  • 1 can (sweetened) condensed milk


  1. Preparation

    Set your sous vide device to 85 degrees and let it heat up. Pour the condensed milk into a preserving jar and seal it well. Place the jar in the water bath and make sure it is completely submerged.

  2. Cooking

    Let the condensed milk cook for 12 hours. Check in between whether the jar is still completely submerged and add some extra water if necessary. After 12 hours, remove the dulche de leche from the water.

  3. Serving options

    You can serve the dulche de leche in different ways. We’ve listed some ideas below:

    • Ice
    • Pie / cake / brownie
    • Cookies
    • Yogurt / cottage cheese

    You can keep the dulche de leche in the fridge for about 1 week.