Sous vide sticks & water ovens

Prepare the most delicious dishes with our sous vide appliances and sous vide water ovens. From Hendi to Wartmann, all our brands are suitable for vacuum cooking at low temperatures. Healthy, delicious and precise cooking, like a real top chef! Click here to go back to all products.

sous vide device

Sous-vide device-wartmann

  • Submersible
  • Temperature range 35 to 95 degrees Celsius
  • Preparation time adjustable up to 99 hours
  • Touchscreen control
  • Decalcification reminder after every 60 hours of use




sous vide system

Sous vide packages

Get off to a good start with our complete sous vide packages!



Sous-vide Christmas package

The ideal gift for this Christmas. In addition to a sous vide cooker the package also contains a cookbook full of recipes!

Sous vide accessories

Check out our handy sous vide accessories such as the sous vide water container, sous vide rack and sous vide cleaning powder. Make sous vide cooking even easier!

sous vide tank 12L

Large sous vide tray

sous vide cleaning powder

Note: Comes in a new packaging!


Sous-vide rack


Sous vide cookbooks

Check out our beautiful sous vide books and prepare delicious sous vide dishes. Recipes for at home, which you can easily use as inspiration for your dishes. Created by the best chefs like Bas Robben and Hubertus Tzschirner.

sous vide cookbook hubertus

sous vide supreme cookbook


sous vide home cookbook