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Souvy vacuum package

The perfect package to get started with vacuum sealing. The Souvy vacuum package is the ideal addition to your current sous vide equipment. A vacuum machine for packaging and marinating. Custom-cut vacuum bags for convenience and vacuum bags on a roll to determine your own size.

Contents Souvy vacuum package

  • 1 x Vacuum Machine
  • 100 x vacuum bags 20 x 30 cm
  • 2 x vacuum bags roll of 6 meters

Plastic neutral

When you purchase this package, 50 plastic bottles will be removed from the ocean in collaboration with Plastic Bank. Our products are 100% plastic neutral.

Vacuum bags

These medium vacuum bags are the ideal size for sous vide cooking at home. The relief on the bags creates an even better vacuum. The vacuum bags are extra thick and resistant to both high and low temperatures. In addition to solid products, liquid products such as sauces and soup can also be vacuum packed.

Vacuum bag roll

Large and small products, you can vacuum pack both with the vacuum bags on a roll . You don't have to cram into a standard size, so you don't run the risk of tears or uneven yarn. With the handy vacuum roll you can easily cut the size you want.

Review vacuum

“The Wartmann 1507 SL is the cheapest vacuum sealer we tested, and also the most beautiful in its price range.”

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Binnen 2 dagen in huis. Het apparaat is niet zo groot dus dat is erg prettig aangezien mijn keuken niet zo groot is.


Mooie set, alles werkt naar behoren


Prettig apparaat!


Snel geleverd, alle producten netjes verpakt en werkt allemaal naar behoren (: