Wartmann Cooker

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Wartmann Cooker

Thanks to its clever design, you can attach this sous vide appliance to any pan or container (at least 18 cm high). Grab the appliance by the clamp and you can easily fix it firmly in place. To prevent heat being lost during sous vide cooking, it is very important to close the pan properly. A lid with a recess for the appliance is the perfect solution. Our sous vide baking are specially made for the Wartmann Cooker. Are you looking for a cheaper device, check out this sous vide controller once!
Heat up to 20 litres
With its 1300 Watts, this sous vide cooker is capable of up to 20 litres water to heat and circulate up to 95 ºC. This is enough to cook, for example, 40 duck breasts or 30 steaks simultaneously! Preparing a large quantity of food at the same time is a piece of cake.
Cooking without worries with the Wartmann Cooker
The alarm and the built-in timer let you know exactly when your food is ready. The appliance will alert you as soon as the water has reached the right temperature to put the food in. As soon as the food has been cooked long enough, the appliance gives another signal. notification. This way, your dish is always cooked just right!
Accurate to 0.5 °C
The temperature of the cooker is accurate to within 0.5°C. This allows for sous vide cooking at the temperature of your preference.
Durable design
The lower part of the appliance - that comes into contact with water - is made of stainless steel, and will therefore not rust. Does this make cleaning unnecessary? No. Because of the lime scale in the tap water, a lime scale will form on the appliance after a few uses. But don't worry! This deposit can be easily removed with Souvy Descaler.
Power 1300 Watt
Capacity 20 litres
Temperature 0 - 95 °C
Timer 0 - 60 hours
Brand Wartmann
Type WM-1507-SV
Dimensions (W x H x D) 10 x 7,5 x 41 cm
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| March 26, 2021

Wow, really quite surprising! I have been cooking for family and friends for years but this is a nice addition to the kitchen. At first I had my doubts if it wasn't too complicated but this was anything but. I've made 5 dishes now and it's a surprise every time how it turns out. The kids don't want anything else!

Jorden Kuijper
| 08 November 2020

Great product! Loved the service!

| 03 November 2020

Works easily and has already created delicious recipes!

Sabine Isbrucker
| 31 May 2017

As a hobby cook, I received Souvy as a gift for Mother's Day. I had already been inspired by my son's friends who use the Souvy in their restaurant to do justice to their dishes. I made spareribs which were cooked for 10 hours at 70°C and then grilled on the bbq, which was a great success with my husband, son and myself. I have the cookbook, the small container and 2 sized bags. The bags are good to vacuum without using a machine. Personal contact is also possible for questions, the helpdesk is very enthusiastic and also open to tips. I would have liked to have this Souvy years ago...

Toon Buddingh'
| 06 January 2017

The varied entrepreneurs behind Souvy have put sous vide cooking on the map in the Netherlands. I've had their entire set for over a year now, but after this Christmas I want to thank them again for introducing me to it. We had such a wonderful cod for Christmas. Twenty minutes sous vide, then baking on a salt tile. Perfection.

Ruben Stolker
| November 30, 2016

I have been familiar with the sous vide cooking technique for a while now. I was looking for an affordable device and came across this site. I have owned the Souvy Cooker for 2 weeks now, and I am very enthusiastic! The operation is simple and the preheating is quite fast (less than 10 minutes). It does not make any noise (provided you put enough water in the container) and it maintains a good temperature. The only disadvantage is the size of the appliance; you need a fairly high pan (about 20 cm). For that reason I ordered the 12 litre water tank last week. I think it is a very good addition to the machine, it fits perfectly!

Raymond Dubbelaar
| November 09, 2016

Bought for Christmas. Very nice device. You can cook large quantities at once and the taste is really good!

Lucas de Rover
| October 03, 2016

Very nice and stylish design. Is easy to use and comes in a very nice gift box. My father is very happy with it!

Karin van den Heuvel
| 30 August 2016

The Souvy Cooker is really an asset to the Netherlands. I had it delivered super fast and it works above expectations. As a hobby cook this is really a must have!

Mildo de Groot
| 17 July 2016

I was already familiar with sous vide cooking, but now the Souvy makes it very easy. Souvy can be easily clamped onto almost any container and is very easy to adjust. I prefer to use it with the transparent water bath, which has a lid with cutout. Because of this recess heat loss is minimal and optimal results are achieved.

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