Vacuum bags

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Handy size

These vacuum bags have 20 x 30cm A nice medium size for sous vide cooking at home. You can easily vacuum all your produce by simply placing it in the pre-cut vacuum bag and sealing it with a vacuum machine. The vacuum bags are per 50 packagedEnough to cook sous vide with in the near future.

Plastic neutral

When you buy this product, 25 plastic bottles will be removed from the ocean in cooperation with Plastic Bank. So our products are 100% plastic neutral.

Food-safe and fresh

These Wartmann vacuum bags are BPA free and food safe. Because of the micro profile on the bags, the air is better led out of the bag, so that no air stays behind during the sealing of the bag. This promotes freshness and taste of the packaged product.

Microwave and freezer

These 5-layer vacuum bags are extra thick and suitable for microwave and freezer. Store or regenerate your food without worry. Because no oxidation can occur due to the vacuum packaging, the shelf life of the packaged product is increased. extended up to five times.
Dimensions 20 x 30 cm
Number of layers 5
Number of sachets 50
Heat resistant Yes
Pattern on the inside Yes
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| February 22, 2021

Fine vacuum bags

| 03 November 2020

Are sturdy (multiple layers), do not tear and can handle higher temperatures! Thanks

Combination advantage

accessory package


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