Vacuum bags on a roll

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Determine the format with Wartmann vacuum bags on rolls

Whether you want to vacuum pack small or large quantities, with Wartmann vacuum rolls you decide which format is suitable for the product. No cramming in the vacuum bags and no risk of tearing or uneven cooking due to a too full bag. With the handy vacuum roll you cut simply the size you need.

Plastic neutral

With the purchase of this product, 25 plastic bottles are removed from the ocean in cooperation with Plastic Bank. So our products are 100% plastic neutral.

Guarantee of taste and nutrients

The strong material, of which these vacuum rolls are made, guarantees the taste and nutrients of your product. They also prevent freezer burn, because oxidation cannot take place in the vacuum bag. In short, air and moisture are kept out wat de versheid van het product ten goede komt. De vacuümzakken zijn te gebruiken voor alle types vacuümapparaten. Hierbij wordt de lucht onttrokken door de open kant van de zak in de vacuümmachine te leggen en deze vervolgens te sealen. Je kunt de zakken voor elk vacuümapparaat gebruiken.

Microwave and freezer

The vacuum bags are highly resistant to high and low temperatures. You can cool your sous-vide cooked product back down and store it in the freezer without any worries. In addition, heating it in the microwave is no problem with these vacuübags.

Solid and liquid food

The vacuum bag roll is suitable for vacuuming both solid and liquid food. From soup and pasta sauce to spare ribs and potatoes. One marinated product Vacuuming is no problem. In this way no flavour is lost and the marinade is optimally absorbed by the product.
Dimensions 20 x 600 cm (2 rolls) = a total of 12 metres of vacuum bag on a roll
Width of reel 20 cm
Brand Wartmann
Heat resistant Yes
Relief on the inside Yes
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