Vacuum device WM-2005-EC

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About the Wartmann® vacuum machine WM-2005-EC

This Wartmann® vacuum machine is made of durable materials and can deliver a vacuum of no less than -60 KPa (0,6 bar) with a capacity of 5 litres per minute. The Wartmann® vacuum machine is easy to operate with a single touch button. It is compact, easy to clean and suitable for most Wartmann® vacuum bags, rolls and boxes. The Wartmann® vacuum machine has a built-in overheating protection and an energy saving mode. has tested our WM-2005-EC! His conclusion? The Wartmann® WM-2005-EC is one of the quietest vacuum machines we have tested! This Budget Top model also has a built-in cutter.
Power 110 Watt
Weld width 28 cm
Brand Wartmann
Model WM-2005-EC
Option vacuum hose yes
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