Sous vide complete package

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Sous vide complete package

Do you want to cook sous vide at home? With this sous vide complete package you have all in house to cook sous vide yourself. This package comes complete with a sous vide appliance, cleaning powder, sous vide container and sous vide bags, so you can make your own delicious sous vide dishes.
Contents of the sous vide complete package:
  • 1 x Wartmann Cooker
  • 1 x sous vide tank 12 litres
  • 1 x cleaning powder
  • 50 x vacuum bags (20 x 30cm)
Wartmann Cooker
Thanks to its clever design, you can attach this sous vide appliance to any pan or container (at least 18 cm high). Just grab the appliance by the clamp and you can easily fix it firmly in place. Our sous vide containers fit perfectly on the Wartmann Cooker.
Cleaning powder
Would you like to remove limescale from your sous vide appliance quickly and easily? You can do this with the descaling powder of Souvy. This powder, on the basis of citric acid, is the ideal means to clean the appliance. If the sous vide appliance is not descaled, lime can build up, reducing the performance of the appliance and causing damage.
Sous vide container 12 litres
This tub van polycarbonaat is zo ontworpen dat de Wartmann Cooker er perfect in past. De bak is bestand tegen hoge temperaturen en is tevens vaatwasserbestendig. Word geleverd zonder deksel, voor isolatie kun je thermische isolatieballen gebruiken!
Sous vide bags
These sous vide bags have been developed especially for home cooks. No ordinary bags, but extra strong pockets which are made up of multiple layers. The bags can withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees.
Package contents 1 x Wartmann Cooker, 1 x sous vide container 12 litres, 1 x cleaning powder, 50 x vacuum bags (20 x 30cm).
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Average from 5 reviews

| 14 January 2021

With Christmas I 'got' this sous vide set. I have now prepared 3 dishes with it. Pork tenderloin is a real winner!

| 31 December 2020

Nice stuff, good quality and easy to cook with. It's nice that you have so many recipes so I can always try something new (:

| 09 December 2020

Very handy! I even use it more often than expected. And I had it in the house the next day 👍🏻

| 24 November 2020

Beautiful set, I'm new to sous vide cooking but so far positively surprised!

| 03 November 2020

Top package! Ordered it yesterday and it arrived today.

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