Smoking gun matt black

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  • Sturdy aluminium housing
  • Very compact and affordable smoker
  • Food safe silicone hose with a length of 25 cm
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)

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About the smoking gun

This exclusive matte black Wartmann® smoker - smoking device is impossible to imagine the modern kitchen without it and is used in every michelin star restaurant. It works very simply; put some wood dust or herbs in the top of your smoker, light it, and you can make the most extraordinary taste combinations. The smoker has an aluminum casing with an optimal airflow.
With this Wartmann® smoker you can produce smoke from wood dust for cold-smoking food and drinks. In this recipe We make smoked butter, for example. Cold-smoking adds a special flavour to cheeses, ice cream, nuts, eggs, fish, meat, vegetables, etc. The possibilities are endless!
It may sound crazy, but the smoking gun is also excellent for smoking drinks. Conjure up a cheap whiskey or leave a lasting impression and serve a cocktail with smoke.
Different flavours
With the smoker you can easily determine the strength of the smoke flavour yourself.
How do I use the smoker?
Make sure you have the product to be smoked ready and at hand before you start smoking. wood moth foul.  
2. Filling the smoking chamber
There are thousands of different woods, herbs and tea leaves to use, each with a different result. Make sure the material used is flammable and well shredded.  
3. Lighting and starting the smoker
When the smoking chamber is filled, push the control button of the smoking gun. You'll hear a soft humming sound from the fan. Next use a lighter to light the smoke dust/spices.  
4. Applying the smoke
Wait a few seconds for the smoke to come out of the open end of the hose. Hold the open end of the hose above the dish you want to smoke. Tip: close the container or cover with foil so the smoke does not escape. For larger dishes, it may be useful to use the sous vide as it is big enough for several dishes. It is not necessary to continuously fill the room with smoke. Filling the room with smoke once is often sufficient, as the smoke lingers. Let the smoker fill the room with smoke for a maximum of 30 seconds.  
5. Stopping the smoking gun
Press the control button to switch off the Wartmann smoker. Allow the device to cool down for a few minutes before storing it.  
Make sure the appliance has cooled down before cleaning. Carefully remove the upper part of the appliance. Remove the remaining ash from the smoke chamber. Do NOT rinse, but remove this with a cloth or paper. The device is clean again and can be stored! The smoker has no special maintenance, cleaning after use is sufficient for a long life.
Power 600 mWatt
Voltage 3 volts
Housing Aluminum
Batteries Not included
Length of hose 25 cm
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| 08 August 2021


| 05 August 2021

Leuk apparaat, mooie kleur ook.

| 18 June 2021

Heel blij mee!!

Combination advantage


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