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Accessory package

Do you want to cook sous vide at home but still miss the right accessories? With this sous vide accessory pack you have all in house to cook sous vide yourself. This package includes a sous vide container, cleaning powder, sous vide bags and sous vide rack so you can make the most delicious sous vide dishes.
Package contents:
Cleaning powder
Would you like to remove limescale from your sous vide appliance quickly and easily? You can do this with the descaling powder of Souvy. This powder, on the basis of citric acid, is the ideal means to clean the appliance. If the sous vide appliance is not descaled, lime can build up, reducing the performance of the appliance and causing damage.
Sous vide container 12 litres
This tub made of polycarbonate is designed in such a way that the Wartmann Cooker fits inside it perfectly. The container is resistant to high temperatures and is also dishwasher safe.
Sous vide bags
These sous vide bags have been developed especially for home cooks. No ordinary bags, but extra strong pockets which are made up of multiple layers. The bags can withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees.
Sous vide rack
This handy rack offers space to 4 vacuum bags and is easy to keep clean. By means of this rack, the vacuumed products remain under water so that they can cook better and more evenly.
Package contents: 1 x sous vide container 12 litres 1 x cleaning powder (comes in a new packaging!) 50 x vacuum bags 1 x sous vide rack
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| February 22, 2021

I already had a machine but was missing some accessories. The bin is nice and together with the rack I can now store more products.

| January 18, 2021

Hi Sjaak, Annoying that this was not entirely clear to you. I have added the links to all products. If we can help you with anything else please send us an email!

| 17 January 2021

It's a pity that the description doesn't clearly state that these are vacuum bags.

| 06 November 2020

Thanks Souvy, I'm good to go.

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