Ziplock bag or vacuum

Sous vide is a French name and literally means 'under vacuum'. When something is vacuumed, there is no air left in it. Do you want to cook sous vide? Then it's your job to get as much air as possible out of the vacuum bag.

'Do I need to buy a vacuuming machine then?' No. This is not a requirement, but it is very handy. Airtight packaging can be done in various ways, although a vacuum packaging machine is the best solution.

Which works better: ziplock or vacuum?

In principle it both works well. However, a vacuuming machine allows more air to be removed than when done with our trick method. Some other advantages of a vacuuming machine:

  • Products stay fresh longer
  • You can marinate your products within minutes
  • Freezing your products keeps them fresh longer

So it is handy to buy a vacuum packaging machine but for sous vide cooking the resealable sous vide bagsare basically enough .