The advantages of sous vide

The sous vide cooking technique has been used for some time in the catering industry, mainly by (star) chefs. One of the main reasons that the cooking technique is now also used by hobby cooks, is the drop in price of sous vide equipment. Now the equipment is affordable and easy to obtain. Therefore, in this blog we are going to take a closer look at the biggest advantages of sous vide cooking. In addition, we will compare the cooking technique with the traditional cooking methods.

Traditional cooking methods

By the traditional ways of cooking we mean cooking the products in an oven or a pan. Heating the pan with gas, an induction hob or a ceramic hob makes no difference. In traditional cooking, the food is cooked by means of a heat source that heats the pan. The food is then heated by the pan. When you use an oven, the air around the food is heated. The pan or the air is much hotter than we want it to be. In fact, much too hot; if the food is left to lie around for too long, it will burn...

By traditional cooking techniques is meant the following techniques:

  • Baking or searing
  • Steaming
  • Simmering
  • Stevens
  • Roast
  • Braising
  • Boiling or blanching
  • Candying
  • Poaching
  • Wokken

Preparation temperature 

The temperature in traditional cooking methods is often too high. This makes it difficult to determine when the product is perfectly cooked, because it cooks very quickly at a high temperature. If you take it out of the pan or oven too soon, the product is still raw, but if you take it out of the pan or oven too late, it is overcooked. In the traditional way of cooking, chicken breast is cooked in the oven at, say, 200℃ for twenty minutes. However, this temperature is way too high. Chicken is cooked at a minimum temperature of about 60℃. So, the chicken breast is cooked in the oven on a temperature which is more than three times higher.

Preparing at the core temperature 

Sous vide cooking is the perfect solution. With sous vide cooking, the product is cooked through the heat transferred by the water. Because you can set the temperature very precisely, the food cooks exactly as you want it.

You want a steak rare? 51 degrees. I prefer it medium-rare: 61 degrees. Well done? Sixty-seven degrees.

sous vide steak

The time is less important here. Depending on the thickness, a certain time is chosen, as the heat must have enough time to reach the core of the product and convert the proteins. After the minimum cooking time has passed, the food can remain in the water bath until the rest of the dish is ready. Even then, you still have a perfect cuisson.

The 8 biggest advantages of sous vide

  1. Constant result
    With sous vide, the temperature is constant, so the food is cooked exactly at the temperature you want, every time.
  2. You determine the result yourself
    The temperature can be set to the exact degree, allowing you to determine exactly how you want your food to cook.
  3. Prepare larger quantities at once
    Want to cook 6 steaks at the same time? With sous vide cooking that's no problem at all. And with a larger pan you can even cook for 20 people at the same time!
  4. More tasteful food
    Thanks to sous vide cooking, your food will be more tasty. Meat remains extremely tender. Fish stays juicy. Vegetables keep their nice bite.
  5. Healthier
    Because the products are packed airtight, nutrients and vitamins are preserved. This way you eat healthier.
  6. Simple
    Anyone can cook sous vide, from home cook to chef. Knowledge in the field of cooking is a plus, but certainly not a must.
  7. Effortless
    Simply season or marinate, then wrap, and let cook. While your product is cooking sous vide, you don't have to worry about it. Easy right?
  8. Culinary
    Put the most tasteful dishes on the table. Products which are normally difficult to cook (asparagus, hareback, etc.) are now transformed into culinary delights.

Because the temperature never exceeds a certain temperature, the proteins in the product cannot be converted any further and the product does not continue to cook. In short: sous vide cooking is easy, takes less effort and the result is better!