The three ways of packaging

One of the biggest misconceptions of sous vide cooking is that only fully vacuumed ingredients can be prepared. This would only be possible with a vacuming device, because with this you can pull the products completely under vacuum. The idea is not strange since 'sous vide' in French literally means 'under vacuum'. However, there are in total three ways to pack ingredients. In this article you will read all about the ways of packing ingredients in order to prepare them sous vide. In contrast to vacuuming with a vacuum device, the other two methods of sous vide packaging are a good alternative. It concerns the following variants: pull foil and glass jars.

Stretch film

Cling film is often used for making rouleau or rolled meat. Take this recipe for incredibly tender chicken rouleau for example. Because the product, in this case chicken, is rolled up tightly in stretch film, the product is packed airtight and can be used immediately. It is important that the stretch film is of good quality, otherwise there is a chance that it is unsafe for sous vide cooking. The video below shows you how to roll up a roast so that you can prepare it sous vide.


Glass jars

The must-have for preparing crème brûlée and pâté, for example, are glass jars. You can use just about any glass jar, or even preserving jars. You can buy these jars at any supermarket or store, including Action, Xenos or Big Bazar. The ideal thing about these jars is that you can serve them after they have been used.


Vacuum packing in vacuum bags

Buying a vacuum packaging machine is not expensive anymore and it offers a lot of advantages. By completely vacuuming the ingredient the freshness and shelf life are extended up to five times. This way you can prepare larger quantities of food and freeze them immediately. This saves time on cooking, as you can cook for several days at a time. Furthermore, no freezer burn can occur, which affects the structure of the products. Vacuuming also keeps the food free of bacteria. Finally, marinating can be done particularly quickly through the vacuum process. The marinade completely encloses the ingredient and the vacuum soaks into the product very quickly. There are many advantages to vacuum packaging ingredients, so buying a vacuum packaging machine is a good investment.