Why is sous vide cooking healthy?

The taste of the product is enhanced by means of the sous vide cooking technique. Additions of salt or fats can therefore be reduced. This process is enhanced the moment the product is vacuumed. In the sous vide cooking technique, more vitamins and nutrients are retained in contrast to traditional cooking techniques. Normally, flavors are lost because the product is cooked or steamed. This is not the case with the sous vide cooking technique, because the product is packaged in plastic.

In general, a sous vide preparation takes longer compared to other preparation methods. In order to regularly enjoy the health benefits of sous vide, it is recommended to prepare larger quantities. This results in a larger supply of healthier food and therefore the choice to eat healthy food will increase.

It simplifies food digestion

Many products require light preparation to make the vitamins most bioavailable . Vitamins from cooked vegetables are more easily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.

Collagen recording

The most abundant protein in the body is collagen. This occurs mainly in the connective tissue of mammals and humans. This occurs in the skin, joints and organs. Collagen occurs in no less than 30% of our body and is therefore an important part of the human body. By applying the sous vide preparation to the egg white, it is easier to absorb into the body.

Collagen not only strengthens the bones but also the joints and cartilage. It also restores the intestinal wall, reduces wrinkles and gives a boost to nails and hair. Human hair and nails consist mainly of keratin. Like all proteins, it needs amino acids to build. Collagen is the means for this, because it is rich in amino acids.

Is sous vide cooking safe?

It is a misconception that cooking in plastic bags can be harmful to health. However, the material of the bags must be food safe . The material of the sous vide bags must be made of, for example, HDPE or LDPE. The Souvy sous vide bags are made of LDPE plastic. This stands for low density polyethylene. As with HDPE, the use of LDPE does not harm health and it is recyclable. All in all, it is not harmful to prepare food in plastic bags.

Carrots sous vide

Pasteurize with sous vide

The low temperature preparations are safe when the minimum cooking time and the correct temperature are taken into account. Red meat is pasteurized when it is cooked at a minimum temperature of 55 °C. For poultry, the minimum temperature is 60°C for pasteurization. This kills all possible harmful bacteria. Above these temperatures, harmful bacteria cannot survive and/or grow. Because the temperature can be set so specifically, sous vide cooking is a safer method of cooking food. This is one of the reasons why the sous vide cooking technique is used to prepare hospital food.

Reduces weight loss from ingredients

It has been proven that during preparations at high temperatures, chemical compounds are formed for a longer period of time that increase the risk of cancer. In addition, the high temperature preparation reduces the number of nutrients. This also does not take place with the sous vide preparation. With sous vide preparation, more nutrients are retained compared to all other cooking techniques. In general, 20% of the nutrients are lost with traditional cooking methods and only 3% with sous vide. In addition to the nutrients, moisture and flavor are also lost.