Cleaning blender

The blender is our favorite kitchen appliance, but what we don’t like is cleaning it. The fear that our fingers will suffer the same fate as the fruit and vegetables that we turn into a delicious smoothie in the morning makes the job a bit more difficult.

That’s why we set out to find the best way to quickly clean our beloved blender. Mission accomplished, because with this handy tip you can clean your blender in no time.

Quickly clean your blender

The goal is of course to keep as much of all the goodies in the blender jar as possible. So always make sure that you keep the jar tightly closed during blending, but if you did spill the motor unit, you can wipe it with a damp cloth.

Although some parts of the appliance, such as the blender jar and lid, may be dishwasher safe – check the manual for this – it is better not to do this too often. Dishwasher detergents are in fact quite aggressive and in the long term this will certainly affect the performance of the appliance and in particular the sharpness of the blades. That is why you can clean the blender much better with a drop of regular dishwashing liquid.

The tip to quickly clean your blender

Fill the blender jar three quarters full with hot water and add a good drop of washing-up liquid. Then switch on the device briefly. The rapidly rotating blades will create a mini vortex that will almost magically clean the blender jar. Pour the washing-up water out of the jug and rinse off the last soap residue with running water and dry the blades immediately after cleaning, because this way you prevent rust formation.

Had an intense blender session and is the blender still not completely clean after the aforementioned tornado method? Then a little vinegar with baking soda and water offers the solution. Blend these three ingredients and then let it soak overnight. Then clean the blender one more time with a drop of dishwashing liquid and this job can also be removed from your to-do list.

Dry the blender thoroughly both inside and out after cleaning. Optionally, you can leave the blender upside down on a tea towel for a while. It is best to store the blender without the lid on the jar. This way you ensure that the blender cannot start to smell.